The operative room is today a more and more safe place and this gives the surgeon the chance to perform even extremely complex procedures on the liver, on the biliary tract and on the pancreas.



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A site devoted to
Surgically treatable Liver diseases and to
the Surgery of the Liver

This web site is directed to all of those which, for a reason or for  another, need information's, advices and suggestions regarding diseases of the liver, of the biliary tract and of the pancreas, with special references to those amenable with surgery.

Thus, it is addressed to:

  • patients: those which are not able to find a definitive solution to their own health problems or to relatives health problems and for this reason travel across Europe, abroad or surf on the web in search of more detailed data;
  • physicians: those who are not satisfied from superficial considerations and need to increase their knowledge in the field of hepatic, biliary and pancreatic diseases.

This is not an institutional site. It does not directly refer to any public, private or educational Health Care System.

It has been established because of the common interest of a team of doctors for the surgery of the liver, of the biliary tract and of the pancreas.

Liver surgery is not yet well known and widespread worldwide. Several questions form patients and physicians are still unanswered. This site tries to focus on them and to give useful advices to its visitors. 

Please read the disclaimer and the condizioni di utilizzo of the site.

The better and deeper knowledge of the liver has  led the surgeon to increase the feasibility of aggressive and complex procedures.

Liver transplantation represents, in selected instances, the more radical solution for diseases which have proceed to severe end stage liver failure.


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